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Regular Membership $140/year.

This membership entitles the member to all rights of the Elmira Lawn Bowling Club such as participating in all club bowling activities (unless determined by age or experience: i.e. senior, junior or novice), voting and holding office. 

Members are welcome to host family events at our club.

Please note that $30.50 of this fee goes to Ontario Lawn Bowling Association, Bowls Canada and District 7.  These umbrella associations give us bowling rights at all member clubs and provides insurance coverage while at the clubs.


Social Membership $20/year

This membership entitles the member to observe all bowling and to attend all club social functions.

Social membership does not include membership in Bowls Canada, Ontario Lawn Bowling Association or District 7.

A signed insurance liability waiver will allow the same insurance coverage as regular members while at the club.

A social member will not have voting rights or hold office in the club.


  Please feel free to speak

to an executive member

for more information about membership.



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